Infant Aquatics

Baby & Toddler Swimming Courses

What is Infant Aquatics?

Infant Aquatics baby and toddler swimming courses are progressive courses for children from 10 weeks to 4 years old. Through our unique techniques we will help to develop your babies' natural ability to swim.

Lessons are interactive with adult and child in the pool together. The activities are adapted to suit your baby's age, experience and development stage. The half an hour lessons are playful and stress free, always focusing on baby and encouraging them to progress at their own pace.

All activities have a specific teaching aim which we make fun through a series of songs, rhymes and games, appealing to a child's natural sense of curiosity and play.

The benefits of Infant Aquatics

In the water babies use more muscles and can move freely without restriction. This means they develop more muscle tone and strength which can exercise the joints making them more flexible. It is also reported that babies that swim regularly often have improved appetites and sleeping patterns.

Spending quality one to one time with total focus on each other in the pool, having fun and special relaxed time together is extremely beneficial to baby and parent and can help the bonding process. Many of the moves and techniques used promote skin to skin contact, closeness, trust and touch.

Drowning is the third cause of infant fatality, however it is believed that if children are familiar with the aquatic environment from an early age they will remain relaxed and have a better chance of survival if they were to ever be in a potentially dangerous situation near water.

"Both of my girls have had many swimming lessons with Mel & Carly and have literally enjoyed every single one of them! Brilliant lessons and teachers"
Caroline mum of Phoebe & Alyssa

Mother and baby swimming