Infant Aquatics

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Welcome to Infant Aquatics

Infant Aquatics is an established baby and toddler swim school, focusing on the gentle birthlight approach to baby swimming.

Classes are now available across Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland in; Bedford, Kettering, Wellingborough, Wollaston and Oakham.

Classes are suitable for babies from 10 weeks up to 4 years old. Each course is tailored to your childs' development stage encouraging their full potential in the water. Courses are progressive, promoting water parenting skills, helping to develop your joint love of the water as well as safety and water confidence as they move towards independent swimming.

Learning to love the water using our gentle and nurturing techniques. We pride ourselves on creating positive experiences and building strong relationships in the water. Babies and toddlers love it!

  • Father and baby swimming
  • Child swimming
  • Mother and baby aquatics
  • Baby aquatics
  • Father and baby swimming
  • Mother and baby swimming
  • Father and baby swimming
  • Child swimming
  • Child and father swimming
  • Father and infant swimming
  • Baby swimming
  • Baby with Mum swimming
  • Baby swimming with Mum
  • Baby swimming with Dad

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